About Maeva

A Short Visual Adaptation


Maeva in 3rd Grade

Maeva - 3rd Grade

One of them is not like the other…Cat’s Cradle, anyone?

Due to Maeva’s mother being in the military, she lived a nomadic lifestyle and spent a chunk of her childhood in Belgium (grades 5-8).


 Her love of traveling and exploring other cultures would shape her perspective and journey in life. It inspired her to begin writing poetry as a youth and fostered her love for reading and watching films.

Throughout high school and college, Maeva performed Spoken Word Poetry and participated in several shows and slam competitions in various states.

poetry  poetry2

After alot of hard work, Maeva graduated Summa Cum Laude from the UCLA Honors College with a BA in Anthropology.


She worked for UCLA for six years.

B&G Scholars     Scholars Halloween

While working for UCLA, Maeva created a Scholars Program and was the Program Director for five years. She also founded a creative arts program called The Lyric Lounge and was the Program Director for two years.

Youth Yoga   Urban Fitness 911

As a certified Power Yoga instructor, Maeva taught in yoga studios and several inner city high schools.

Not only does Maeva enjoy using her mind to create and give back to the community, she also loves nature, hiking and being active outdoors!

Mount Whitney Mount Whitney Plaque

In 2015, she conquered the tallest mountain in the US in one day! 16hrs and 47 minutes roundtrip!

She also participated in the partial excavation of Mayan ruins in Belize in 2010.

Belize 2 Belize

 (Again, one of them is not like the other!)

Color Run LA Marathon

Although she doesn’t consider herself a runner, she’s completed the Color Run several times and ran the 2013 LA Marathon (5hrs and 30 minz).

When not in front of the camera, Maeva enjoys working in other areas of filmmaking.

2nd AD onset sound

She has done casting, sound, set design, art direction and 2nd AD for several short films.

Maeva’s Three Loves

Her dog, Shadow

Shadow  Shadow

Creating Art

(her latest collection is pictured below)



Pizza  IMG_20130609_201205_713




A Few Words From Maeva:

Thank you for visiting my world on the interwebs.

Remember that the pendulum forever swings and we all take turns in the darkness and the light; in those moments of darkness, try to turn your face towards the light. It may not seem like it is there but it is…you just gotta find it. Seek and you shall find because what you seek is also seeking you.

“Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly…” – Langston Hughes

Om Shanti Ase’….Be Blessed